Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hearts and Flowers month

It is almost the end of February which means we are closer to Spring then Summer! Winter 2008 in Chicago has been miserable. I question my own sanity for choosing to live here. I am so sick of digging my car out on the street. Only to have someone take the space forcing me to dig out a new space to park.

Every winter, I go with friends Lili and Molly to visit our crazy friend Kari in Florida. This years trip was pretty much perfect! (Aside from waking up the day before with a sore throat, fever and congestion. But it was far better to be sick in 85* Naples than in -18* Chicago). These pictures were taken at the Beach Club where we watched the sunset and drank Pina Coladas. So beautiful!

My favorite shopping is at the Best of Everything. This year I found a gorgeous Marcosite ring with a matching pendant. Later I found a second Marcosite ring at Steinmart. They are so pretty! We all liked Lili's ring so much, it was decided we would all buy the same ring and make it a tradition every year.

The ELFs and I are participating in the 2008 Bark in the Park for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Our fundraising is going really well. Our team hopes to raise more than $10K this year. My fundraising page is Here are the dogs "training" on the couch.

Nothing new to report at work. It has been two long years of uncertainty which feels like the story of my life at this point. In spite of everything, I will continue to keep the faith and believe good things are going to happen for me this year in all areas of my life. =)

p.s. Mad Hot Crush update: we didn't have our dinner date at Carnival due to scheduling conflicts and me not feeling well. Nothing has been rescheduled yet but I got big hugs and kisses when I gave him the socks. Who knew! I actually enjoyed knitting these socks because I found a 3x1 seed stitch rib pattern which was easy to do. (Must....not....knit....sweater....) LOL!