Saturday, April 26, 2008

Superdawg, Liver Function, Driving, Barking, Crushes

The Chicago Mini Motoring Club had an outing to Superdawg. Nephew Asconio and Bridget went with me. We had a great time. Over 30 Minis participated. On the way home, we drove by the Affy Tapple factory. We're hoping they do tours.

I took Bridget to the vet because of her frequent urinating. Her blood panel revealed elevated enzyme levels (normal = 10-100, she was 257). After several other tests, the vet referred us to Animal Emergency Referral Center in Northbrook. $900 later, the specialist found nothing wrong and gave me herbal supplements to boost her liver function. She took them for 2 weeks and today we had another blood panel done to see if they have helped. If so, I will keep her on the supplements. She seems to pee less but not significantly. Sigh. But I have peace of mind she is healthy which is priceless. And she is worth every penny.

May 4th I'll be in the Milwaukee Mile. I get to do 3 laps on the racetrack in the Mini with my newly painted leopard roof! I'm leaving the car in Kenosha tomorrow to have the work done.

Madeleine and I are totally ready for Bark in the Park on May 3. Together, we have raised over $1,100. Our team has raised over $13,000 and we have high hopes of winning the Team Challenge a second time.

p.s. Mad Hot Crush update: No second date. Story of my life. I get random e.mails like "Happy Friday" but I think I'd prefer no e.mails at all. Oh well.