Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peggy in Chicago

My dear friend Peggy came to visit me from Boston this weekend. We met in 1988 while working for Pan Am. Hard to believe it was almost 20 years ago. We started the weekend with lunch at the Daily Bar & Grill. Then a Pub Crawl through Andersonville with the Crazy Dachshund Ladies (and gents) from the Chicago Dachshund Lovers Group. Our "tour" included SoFo, T's and ended at Star Gaze.
Saturday was the CDL Halloweenie Gala. Peggy was our Guest Judge for the costume contest. Rudy and Bridget went as Lobsters in honor of Peggy's visit. They couldn't participate in the costume contest but almost won People's Choice!

After the Halloweenie Gala we drove around the city - West Loop (Oprah's Studio/Calphalon/Wish Bone), the Loop (by my office), through Millenium/Grant Park, past the Museum Campus, Soldier Field, McCormick Place, up State Street then River North, Michigan Avenue, Rush Street/Division Street, Oak Street then Lake Shore Drive to Wilson and home.

We had planned to go out for dinner but the Red Sox were in the ALCS playoffs and the game started at 7:15. So I made a huge snack tray, opened a bottle of wine for Peggy and we watched the Red Sox whomp on Cleveland 12-2 to win Game 6! Bridgie ADORED Peggy from the minute we picked her up at O'Hare. She followed her around the house, scratched on the bathroom door and even shoved the door open once to be near her! It was really precious to see Bridgie my little badass react so sweetly to Peggy.

Sunday morning we drove back into the city, parked near Navy Pier, got lunch/snacks at Fox & Obel, went on the one-hour Architectural Cruise, walked around Navy Pier then up Michigan Avenue to Water Tower Place.

Sunday night we went to Huettenbar in Lincoln Square to watch Game 7 of the ACLS. Crazy Dog Lady and Boston Fan Rebecca met us there. We got sandwiches at Potbelly's and I drank too many Cider Jacks. The Red Sox went on to win the ACLS which was very exciting!

Peggy plans to come back to Chicago again soon. And I will plan a trip to Boston soon! Hopefully to catch a Red Sox game and tour Fenway Park.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Home sick

Today I was home sick and homesick. I woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat so I stayed home from work. I miss my parents and keep asking when they plan to visit. They usually come down for grandkid activities - birthdays, school plays, awards etc. As their kidless daughter, I lack the same draw. Rudy and Bridget aren't in school plays. It makes me sad but such is life. "Tamara, Tamara, don't be blue. One day they will visit YOU". Some say I'm lucky to have a carefree life without kids. But what is the measure of ones life when you are single? I have a job, a car, an apartment and two dogs. That's boring. At the end of the day, I want to feel my life mattered and I made a difference. I try to be a great friend, a great daughter, a great sister and a great Aunt. Hopefully that is enough.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Weekend Fun

Chicago weather went from 80's to cold! Today I went to Yarn*Con with two of my BFF's from Northshore Purl Girls (Hey, C! Hey, L! Holler!). It was smaller than I expected and the lighting wasn't great. But we met a fabulous vendor named Donna Koranek "My Small Wonders". She hand-dyes yarn in her backyard. Her colorways are gorgeous and she gives them the best names! I purchased one skein of Parade worsted and one skein of Seaside Jewels worsted.

Nikol Lohr author of "Naughty Needles" was there and signed a copy of her book for me. I mentioned not letting my nieces see the book and later when I read what she wrote, it said: "Tamara, Put it away when your nieces come around. Or, you know, corrupt them and be the cool Aunt!" That is awesome! She lives in an old schoolhouse in Harveyville. They host workshops & retreats and it's a creative residence for artsy people. Now how cool is that?! Nikol gave me a free card with the photo from the cover of her book. She said Sam's Club wouldn't print the cards for her. I guess it was too naughty for them....

Another cool thing was participating in the photography project of Chicago photographer (and knitter) Franklin Habit, who blogs at The Panopticon. Each "model" knits a row in a scarf project and he photographs them. He told me to knit as though I was knitting with my knitting group. I was around number 182. BFF C took this picture of us.

After Yarn*Con we stopped at Nina on Division and admired all their yarns. I bought Rowan Magazine 41 Spring/Summer 2007, the issue that inspired me to join www.KnitRowan.com.

We ate lunch at Smoke Daddy - I ordered a pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries and coleslaw with cilantro. Yum.

Tonight I am meeting friends for dinner at Redfish, a yummy Cajun style restaurant at State/Kinzie. More Yum.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I was invited to Ravelry on August 29th (my dad's birthday and also knitting night). In the mad rush of my life, I sort of forgot about it until Tuesday. ohmygod. I couldn't wait to get home and add all my knitting books to the library section of my profile. I'm slowly adding projects I've knitted. Unfortunately I mis-placed the power cord for my digital camera which forced me to use the camera in my cell phone. How is that working out. . . . not so much. Ravelry has been a great distraction from the chaos in my work life. A consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis and Santander is buying ABN Amro. I'll be going to RBS. Still not sure if they will keep me or not. I like the word used to describe losing your job: "Best Sizing". Sigh. My 10 year old niece/godchild asked to spend the night tomorrow. She will go with me to Yarncon on Saturday. Looking forward to spending quality time with my best girl.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day of Reckoning

So much can happen in a day. Barclays withdrew it's offer to buy ABN Amro and it looks like Royal Bank of Scotland will buy us. They want to close the deal on 10/19, only 2 weeks away. Will I have a job? Only time will tell.
In other bid news, the 2008 Benefit hosted by our Dachshund social group has sadly been called off. There are hard feelings toward the previous benefactor (MWDR), people are upset & hurt, and one of the CDL leaders has stepped down. In the end, it hurts the many Dachshunds who need forever homes and medical care. I nominated DRNA.org. We got Rudy through DRNA and I feel they are a wonderful organization. They placed 500 dogs last year which is amazing.
I've cut back on knitting because I've found new inspiration in crocheting baby sweaters. In less than a week I made 5 sweaters. Everyone seems to be having babies all of a sudden. I'm continuing to knit the Chevron scarf with alternating strands of Socks That Rock yarn (I'm too tired to look up the color names).
It is late and the dogs want to go to bed. Me too.