Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let's Motor!

Today was the Chicago Mini Motoring Club Spring Drive. ohmygod -- it was so much fun! Last night was daylight savings time "spring forward" which meant getting up at 7am was really 6am. My nephew Marcello agreed to be my co-pilot. I picked him up in Evanston at 8am and we headed up to Knauz Mini in Lake Bluff. As soon as we arrived, Francis (CMMC Board Member) came over and asked if I was in Glenview yesterday. He remembered my car because of the personalized plates and the Chicago Dachshund Lovers "Let Your Wiener Hangout" plate cover (lol!). Kevin (Knauz Sales Manager) hosted the morning meetup and arrived with Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee AND......two miniature Dachshunds named Rudolph and Comet! They were adorable! Of course I gave him a CDL card and invited him to our next Dachshund meetup.

35 Minis headed out on 41N at 9:40am and took a scenic route to Burlington, WI. We stopped at Firestone/Culvers where we met up with the Milwaukee Mini group, an additional 25 Minis. From there, we all drove to Galena through some fun, winding roads in the country. Some of the hills were like rollercoasters and Marcello & I both got butterflies. Our top speed was 95mph (don't tell Heidi!). In Galena, our group met for lunch at Houlihans. We were seated by a window with a view of the parking lot which had been reserved for our group. HATGRL1 got a nice front row spot.

We sat with two friends Evan & Mario (both into automobiles and racing) and Jon & Amanda, a young couple from Evanston. Amanda is a school teacher and she named their car Wini the Mini (after Winnie on The Wonder Years). In total over 100 people participated and 4 dogs. =)

It was great fun and everyone was so nice. I love my Mini and waited a long time to have one. Being with fellow Mini owners was a celebration of the spirit of this awesome little car. I am planning to have my roof and dash painted in Snow Leopard. It would have been fun to sport my custom Mini today but there is always next time. In the meantime, I am totally ordering a sticker that says: "Actual Size!" I can't wait for the next event: The Milwaukee Mile on Sunday, May 4th.

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Liz said...

Awesome photos, I like the one in your rear view mirror. You are the best Aunt ever, always doing fun stuff with the kids. Any cute guys at the mini meetup?