Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day of Reckoning

So much can happen in a day. Barclays withdrew it's offer to buy ABN Amro and it looks like Royal Bank of Scotland will buy us. They want to close the deal on 10/19, only 2 weeks away. Will I have a job? Only time will tell.
In other bid news, the 2008 Benefit hosted by our Dachshund social group has sadly been called off. There are hard feelings toward the previous benefactor (MWDR), people are upset & hurt, and one of the CDL leaders has stepped down. In the end, it hurts the many Dachshunds who need forever homes and medical care. I nominated We got Rudy through DRNA and I feel they are a wonderful organization. They placed 500 dogs last year which is amazing.
I've cut back on knitting because I've found new inspiration in crocheting baby sweaters. In less than a week I made 5 sweaters. Everyone seems to be having babies all of a sudden. I'm continuing to knit the Chevron scarf with alternating strands of Socks That Rock yarn (I'm too tired to look up the color names).
It is late and the dogs want to go to bed. Me too.

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Liz said...

Jeez Tam, sounds like you had a long, exhausting week. But knocking out 5 baby sweaters in that same week is pretty impressive!