Monday, June 25, 2007


Rudy my incorrigible Dachshund has learned "down". Of course his version isn't the standard. . . he slowly drops his front down and casually flips on his side. But I'll take it! He can sit up, sit, down and shake. Class is going okay. He is unable to "sit and stay". When we walk around our dogs, Rudy follows me in a little circle. He will always be my Mr Needy. I was dreading the last night of class because I thought we would have to go through all the commands successfully. If so, I knew Rudy would never "pass". But the last night is going to be a fun night -- we get to entertain each other by showing off all the "tricks" our dogs can do. Rudy will rock the house.

Sunday afternoon was the June Chicago Dachshund Lovers group meetup. Bridget attended for the first time and did really well. She would run around and then home in by my feet which was sweet. Both dogs were exhausted when we got home.
Heidi and I had dinner at Carnivale on Sunday night. Hands down my favorite restaurant in Chicago,

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Lynae said...

John and his friends went to Carnivale Saturday afternoon after the Cubs/Sox game.

It cracks me up that they were asked to leave after one drink because they were already overserved!