Thursday, June 14, 2007

Socks Don't Rock

I hate knitting socks. I love to knit and I love sock yarn but I hate knitting socks. I am knitting socks for Marcello in Mountain Colors worsted. Recommended needle size 6-7, I am knitting on size 1. These socks are like Teflon, nothing will get through them. They are so firm, they stand on their own. I was done knitting the second sock with only the kitchener toe to do. . . . . when I discovered a huge mistake after the heel. Sock One I decreased every row, Sock Two I decreased every other row. So I had to frog it back to the heel and redo it. I only have 10 more rows until the toe decrease. Having to re-knit the sock wasn't so bad. Maybe I don't hate socks after all.


Chicago Jen said...

Wow!! You re-finished that sock so fast!! Just remember, the first pair is always the hardest. It'll totally get easier after this. Just keep working with bigger yarn for a little so that you get some semi-instant gratification.

Drin said...

And bigger needles! I must admit, I love those socks. They totally rock. Socks that stand up on their own, what could be cooler than that!?!

Lynae said...

OMG, I have never seen a sock stand on it's own.

LOVE them!


Maddi8495 said...

I agree I am working on socks and it is so annoying because I am still on my first sock and this is the first time I have actually started socks.I love you Aunt Tammy.