Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Four Months later. . .

New car.
New dog.
New apartment.
New haircut.
New size.
One year older.
Same old me.

In March I purchased my dream car, the Mini Cooper - silver with a black roof. It is so fun! I decided to cut my hair short again. Growing it out was no longer tolerable. I was tired of feeling like a fat cow and have lost 10+ lbs since April.

Just before Memorial Day weekend, I was contacted by a friend who knew about a Chocolate and Tan Dachshund who needed a home. I went to meet her and she came home with me. Rudy adores Bridget and they are wonderful together.

He was so lonely after we lost Chloe'. She was such a good girl. Although Rudy is much happier with Bridget in our lives, he is stressed out living in Evanston with the kids. Too much noise and chaos for him. He ran out of the house recently when doors were left open and bit an elderly neighbor in the leg. A week later he ran out of the house again and bit Madeleine when she tried to get him out from under the UPS truck. He hates the doorbell or when people come to the house or are in our yard. I realized it is time to move out and found a wonderful apartment in Ravenswood Manor. It is spacious, comfortable, easy street parking, close to train and near friends. Move in date August 1st.

Over the weekend I went to MN for my nephews High School graduation. Hard to believe our little man is all grown up and off to college in the Fall. He is such a nice boy, we are very proud of him. I turned 43 while I was home. My dad had a family birthday dinner party for me which was nice. I received thoughtful gifts. When I arrived back in Chicago Monday night, Heidi and the kids celebrated my birthday again. They gave me a beautiful Lantern Moon knitting basket with handles. And a gift certificate for Montoya Fiber Arts. I plan to buy my first set of Lantern Moon knitting needles.

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Liz said...

You're 43? Hooray, I'm no longer the oldest person in our Knitting Group, now I'm tied for first w/ you (at least until my bday in 2 months!) That's a lot of "new" things in your life, you've handled it all so well! I would like to join you in some of your endeavors, particularly the losing 10 pounds and new haircut.