Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthday FUN!

Today I am 44. I shook the dice of life and got a pair of fours. The day began with a call from my dad who song the entire birthday song followed by "I love you Tammy". (My mom never calls. I actually called her later in the day to ask if she forgot about me. I question if she really actually is my mother, she is so atypical). I went to work for a few hours - mainly to setup my out of office message in Lotus Notes. Had lunch with my regular crew (Renee treated me). Went home early to spend some time with the ELFs. We went for a nice walk in the blazing heat. Heidi had a "get out of jail card" from the kids and took me to Maggiano's where Liz met us and we all enjoyed Pomegranate Martinis. YUM! After that, Heidi and I met the kids at the Cheesecake Factory where they were having dinner with their dad. Tiffany, Mark and Julian stopped by with their new Doberman puppy Patron. What a cutie! It is after 11pm and I need to finish packing for my trip to NY in the morning. The dogs are following me from room to room, I think they know I am leaving. So far 44 isn't bad.

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Chicago Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful!! You are an amazing woman!