Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time gets away....

How did we arrive at the end of June so quickly? I didn't even finish posting about my New York trip.....

On Friday, June 13, I drove to Southampton to help prepare for Christopher's Memorial 5K. The support from family and friends was amazing. The walk was the morning of June 14th with almost 200 participants. I did the walk in my new high-heeled Crocs. Everyone laughed at me! =)

On Sunday, Marie and I went to Long Beach and walked on the boardwalk. It was an overcast day with bits of rain but it was warm and wonderful just to be by the ocean.

I flew home on Monday in a terrible storm. It was bumpy and rough, and I have never seen such thick, black clouds. Very scary. But it reminded me I need to make a will. If anything happens to me, I know no one will take my dogs aka the ELFs. lol!

The last two weeks have been consumed by work. I was supposed to get news about my job by the end of June but there is still no clarity. With great reluctance, I renewed my apartment lease. I didn't want to stay here but it was easier to stay put for now.

Friday night I had dinner with Tiffany at Carnivale. Woohoo! I love that place. Afterward we met up with Kari (who was visiting from Florida) to celebrate Lili's 35th birthday. I got home at 4:45 am. Wasn't feeling too well the next day - lol!

I saw a guy wearing this t-shirt - loved it, my sentiments exactly:

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Lynae said...

HEY- I like this city!

You know John would take the Elfs in a minute.