Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy day.....

This morning I helped Heidi chaperone Asconio's 8th birthday party. His friends met us at Old Orchard Mall for the 10:15 am "Kung Fu Panda" movie - followed by lunch at Hot Dog Island and cake at Heidi's afterward. After the party I went home and took the dogs for a long walk in the ungodly hot weather.

In the evening, I was invited to see James Taylor at Ravinia. Poor Lynae went there at 4 pm to get a good spot on the lawn and setup "camp" for everyone. She was caught several times in torrential downpours. It was a nice evening complete with a lovely Candelabra. We endured a little bit of rain but the worst of it missed us. Lynae, you are my hero and the Queen of Ravinia! Thank you (and John too) for a nice evening out. Has anyone seen Frank? His wife is lost.

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Lynae said...


At the time I just kept hoping the rain would stop and that we could sit and listen in peace - which is what we got.

That is only the 2nd time ever I have ever been rained on in all the time I have gone. I figure I have paid my rain dues for quite awhile now!