Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LongGuyLand (1 word emphasis on the G)

Day Two in New York. It was less hot today but still warm in a nice, tropical vacation way. I met Kendra for lunch at.....LaPiazza (no surprise - it's like my Long Island "Carnivale"). After lunch I went to Harmon's Drugstore and miraculously bought nothing. Not even a lipstick. Then I went for a spa pedicure which was fantastic. I chose "Wicked" for my nail color. The woman kept asking me "You LIKE this color?" as though it was a bad choice.

The rest of the afternoon I drove around on the north shore through Syosset, Oyster Bay, Laurel Hollow, Greenvale, Mill Neck (went past where I used to live), Locust Valley (stopped to see Kay at J_McLaughlin). The island is so lush and beautiful right now. The trees are thick and the air smells so good.

Marie and I drove to Freeport for dinner. We cruised down the "Nautical Mile". We called for directions but it was so easy to get there, she said, "You'd have to be a real "Doot-da-doo" not to figure it out". I love my Marie.

We had an excellent dinner at E.B. Elliot's ( We shared sweet potato fries, Crab Cakes and Kung Pao Calamari. Our Bloody Mary's were delicious. Our table was outside right on the water overlooking a gorgeous teak boat.

A Reggae band was playing by the bar and as we left they started the "Dollar" song. The singer picked me and two other girls to dance with her. It was fun! "Cent, Five Cent, Ten Cent, Dollar!" Good times.

The view from the parking as we were leaving to go home. I love the sparkling "palm" trees.

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Lynae said...

Wicked is one of my FAVE colors EVER!

Glad you are having fun!