Thursday, June 12, 2008

Series of Unfortunate Events

I was ready to leave for Manhattan at 11 am, but wanted to let my friends dogs out again. The landscaping crew was here earlier in the morning so to be safe, I went out to make sure the gate was closed. While I was outside, the dogs jumped on the door and locked me out of the house. No key, no phone, nothing. Thankfully it's not winter and thankfully I was not in my pajamas. 3 hours later, I finally got back in the house. (Won't even go into the logistics/shenanigans of how it was done).

I finally made it into Penn Station at 3:30. I took the E train uptown and went to the ABN office on 52nd Street. Most of the trading floor has moved to CT and the remaining crew is moving tomorrow. Two senior Compliance people resigned yesterday including a man who used to be my manager.

I walked down Park Avenue in the 5pm hustle to meet Marie.

We walked to Windfall where we met up with our former Kidder,Peabody colleagues. It was a wonderful turnout and we had a blast! I spread the word I am looking for a job. You never know what could happen.

After our extended happy hour, Kim, Marie and I ate dinner at Mustang Harry's which is just up the block from Mustang Sally's (near Penn Station).

I had a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. It was delicious. After dinner we had work our way to Penn Station through the crowd of drunken Jimmy Buffet fans who were leaving Madison Square Garden.

Tomorrow I am driving out to Southampton to spend the day with Kendra. The Memorial Walk for her son Christopher is on Saturday morning. We will help assemble the runners packets this afternoon and then go out for dinner. It's another beautiful weather day in NY.

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